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Daily Consumables

Product Image (Jackfruit seeds)

Fresh Jackfruit Seed For Animal Feed Or Fertilizer

ACKFRUIT SEED FOR ANIMAL FEED FOB Reference Price:Get Latest Price >=1 US $1.00 Supply Ability: 1000 Ton/Tons per Month Port: CAT LAI Overview Quick Details Type Vegetable Powder Use Cattle, Chicken, Dog, Fish, Horse, Pig Admixture

Product Image (Powder Brands)

Grade-A Baby Milk Powder Brands 400g/ 900g/ 2.5Kg Wholesale

Skimmed milk powder Whole milk powder Fat served Milk powder mixer Fortified milk powder Half sterilized milk Raw milk Sterilized milk

Product Image ( Fermented bagasse )

Fermented Bagasse

Bagasse fiber is dried and ground into a size 2 - 3 mm. - Block : 30x25x15 - Weight : 5-6kg/ pale - Moisture : 15% max - Impurity : 1% max - Packing : 25 kgs or jumbo bag Item no:AW-S-FB Use: Cattle,Horse,Pig,Camel, Sheep, Goat etc

Product Image (A4 Copy Paper)

New A4 Copy Paper

A4 Copy Paper We have all types of A4 paper 80 gsm 75gsm and 70 gsm also we have A3 paper A4 paper in roll, ream.You can request for the specification of all the below paper.brightness 100% which is good for all office use.

Product Image (A4 )

Double Copy A4 Papers For Sale

We are the best in all kinds of A4 papers supplies. we have the various types The A3 , A4, A5 A7 ETC Typek sappi papers Rotarim papers

Product Image (Black pepper)

Fresh Pepper/Dried White Peper/ Black Pepper

Pepper good quality� Black pepper FAQ Specification:� Moisture : 13.5% max Admixture : 1 % max Density : 500 - 580 g/l Packing: PP bag (net :25/50kg

Product Image (cashew nuts)

Cashew Nuts, Roasted Cashews, Raw Cashews

Available in different grades, Cashew Nuts come in different size packaging. The Cashew Nuts are well acknowledged for their freshness, long shelf life and natural taste

Product Image (Moringa)

High Quality Moringa Seeds

We have Quality Moringa Seed for immediate exports in large quantities free from impurities and infestations.   ‎  

Product Image (Cocoa )

Wholesale Price Cocoa Beans

Grade 1 cocoa is made up of lots of beans uniform color and dimension. Up to 10% of the beans have a deviating weight of more.

Product Image (Green)

Best Quality Green Mung Beans / Vigna Beans/ Organic Mung Beans

Our products throghout the world with the most reasonable price,timely delivery and fexible paymen

Product Image (Bean)

High quality Light Speckled Kidney Beans / Pinto Beans / Sugar Beans

High quality Light Speckled Kidney Beans / Pinto Beans / Sugar Beans

Product Image (Nuts)

Freshly Crop Almond Nuts For Sale

Delicious almonds Name Almonds Color Yellow, White Size 25-30mm Taste Sweety Energy 27% Protein 25.1g 42% Fat 45.1g 75% Carbohydrate 11g 4% Packing Bag, carton or accoding to customer

Product Image (white)

Fresh Garlic,white Garlic, Normal White Garlic, Pure Whitle Garlic

Fresh Red Garlic for wholesale garlic price 1kg garlic Varieties Normal white garlic / Red garlic / Purple garlic Pure white garlic / Snow white garlic / Super white gar...

Product Image (sugar)

White Refined Sugar Icumsa 45 Raw brown cane sugar

High quality White Suger, Brown Sugar, Icumsa 45 Raw sugar. Our refined sugar goes with the specification below  

Product Image (sprite zero)

Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Pepsi Soft Drinks

we can supply all types of Cola products , in 400ML plastic bottles , 355ML can , 1L , and 2L Cola , sprate , cola diet , cola zero , sprite zero , Fanta Green apple , Fanta orange , Fanta Cantalop

Product Image (Chicken Breast Grade A )

Boneless Chicken Breast Grade A

certified grade A product from slaughterhouse 13-07 approved by China CNCA authorities. Product come directly from slaughterhouse, fresha dn frozen.. prcessed with the cutting edge technology while respecting international standard.

Product Image (Chicken legs)

Best Price Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters

We are sellers of Certified Halal Frozen Chicken and we are looking for serious buyers to extend our long term business with customers.

Product Image (Tumeric Roots & Powder)

Turmeric Fingers / Curcuma Longa / Haldi Whole Spice

There are many different varieties of Turmeric available in India depending upon the part of India where they are grown. Out of the various varieties grown in India 5 varieties that is Nizambad, Madras (Cuddapa), Rajapuri, Erode & Allepy are the most popular and in good demand throughout

Product Image (Nutmeg)

High Quality Natural Nutmeg

style Dried Drying Process AD Processing Type Raw Certification Spices Board Shape Round Colour Brown/White

Product Image ( Basmati Rice)

Basmati Rice, Jasmine Rice, Long Grain Rice, Japonica Rice

We have in stock ready Rice for sale , specifications ...Quality: 100% pure Sortex clean Basmati Rice (premium quality) Length of Rice: 8.20 mm-8.5mm before cooking.Broken: 2% maximum (2/3 basis) Damage & discolored:

Product Image (Charcoal)

100% Bamboo Sawdust Charcoal For Bbq

Product Description: the charcoal are made of 100% pure bamboo sawdust without any Additive. Main feature: Pure natural materials, without any chemical ingredients, smokeless, non- toxic, no peculiar smell, not burst, h

Product Image (Charcoal Briquette )

Coconut-shell Charcoal Briquette

Our charcoal briquette is virtually smokeless, produces a small quantity of ash, burns 1.5 times longer than typical hardwood charcoal (more or less 3.5 hours at temperature 730F). The length of the briquettes, packing sizes, and packing

Product Image (Unsalted Butter)

Unsalted Butter

Specifications Color light yellow to yellowish white. Butter will be manufactured with cow’s milk. Color and smell natural. Expiry date 24months after production date. Not older than 30 days from the date of shipment. All packages bear production and expiration date. Taste pure, mild acid, not rancid.Chemical Specifications Pure butter fat not less than 82% Moisture and milk solids total not more than 18% Iodine index 33-43 range Saponification value 210-235 range Polenske index 1.5-3.7 range Free fatty acid 0.3% max Peroxide value 0.6 meq/kg.max Melting inter 30-34 range Radio activity (Cs137) content in butter less than 10bq/kgMicrobiological Specifications Coliforms absent Yeasts and modules max 50 per gr. Salmonella absent per 25gr E.coli ab absentUnsalted cow milk butter 82%, Natural Cow Milk Butter 82%, Butter 82 fat, Cow Butter Oil, Natural Cow Butter, Unsalted cow milk butter 82 fat, Cow butter oil, Natural cow butter 82%, Table bread butter for spreading, Unsalted/ salted butter, Raw shea butter, Liquid butter for making sauces, Canned butter, Dairy butter for cooking, Unsalted lactic butter, Bakery butter 25kg for baking, Unsalted cream butter 82 for cheese yogurt.

Product Image (wood species)

Kosso Wood, Rose Wood, Lumber, Squared Logs

We supply Kosso wood (Rose Wood) with roughly sawn with bark, and high quality clean sawn without bark from West Africa. Our current specification; Kosso Wood (Rose Wood) - 100 pcs in 20 ft containe

Product Image (Wood Logs)

Mahogany, Tali, Doussie Round Logs For Sale

We have the ability to supply hard and soft wood in logs and sawntimber from West Africa. All wood and lumber is supplied directlyfrom owners of forest reserves and saw mills. Species avaialbe as:Ayous, Azobe, Bilinga, Bibolo, Bossi, Bahia

Product Image (Milk Powder)

Skimmed Milk Powder And Full Cream Milk Powder

Full Cream and Skimmed Milk Powder packed in 25 Kg bulk or 1 Kg and 400 grams retail packing Full Cream and Skimmed Milk Powder packed in 25 Kg bulk or 1 Kg and 400 grams retail packing

Product Image (pampepring)

Pamper Nappies / Pamper Diaper / Baby Disposables

The below short list is whole Pampering diaper and Pampering Pants which are available in Vietnam and we are supplying at the time being

Product Image (Frozen Pork)

Grade A Frozen Pork Ear /frozen Pork Feet / Frozen Pork

others on request.frozen pork loin , chainless, bonelessfrozen pork loin , chainless, bonelessfrozen pork loin , chainless, bonelessfrozen pork trimming 80/20frozen pork bloody trimming 80/20

Product Image (Rye Bran)

Rye Bran Rye Flakes ,winter Rye For Sale

Rye grain is closely related to wheat and is used mainly as a bread grain. Rye lacks glutenous proteins so if often conbined with a wheat grain. Pure rye baked goods are heavier, denser and darker .

Product Image ( Corn Flour)

Top Quality Wheat Flour , White Corn Flour For Sale

We supply Corn Flour great demand in homes and bakeries for preparing various kinds of recipes to prepare custards, sweets, sauces, puddings and desserts.

Product Image (Powder )

Low Fat Rice Bran Powder

Low Fat Rice Bran Powder / Fish Feed Food/ Rich Protein Feed For Horses/Feed For Pigs, Rice cut

Product Image (Semolina flour)

Durum Wheat Semolina Flour / Durum Semolina Flour

Viva Mais POLENTA READY 500g Product Code: DDCPOC0500 Minsan code: 923538793 Polenta ready Viva Maise a dish of Viva Mais POLENTA READY 500g Product Code: DDCPOC0500  Minsan code: 923538793 Po

Product Image (Popcorn)

Yellow Maize, Dried Yellow Corn, Popcorn

This yellow mushroom and butterfly popcorn grain is certified organic, triple-cleaned and perfect for popping and baking purposes, including grinding for corn meal or corn flour. Typical smell characteristic of natural grain, free from strange smells, mix of orange and yellow colors, free from foreign matters. NON GMO.Expansion: 38/40 - 40/42 and 42/44.Size(K10): 65-75 grains in 10 grams.Explosion: Minimum 98%.Moisture: Maximum 14.5%.

Product Image (Chickpeas)

Wholesale High Quality Chickpeas/Chick Peas Price Best

Description Chickpea or chana is a very important pulse crop that grows as a seed of a plant named Cicer arietinum in the Leguminosae family. This light brown colored pulse is considered to be a good source of protein and is also called

Product Image (Sesame Seeds)

Sesame Seeds With Husk

provides various types of Sesame Seeds as per buyer or own brand in food grade. Natural Sesame Seed 99% to 95%.Huld Sesame Seed, which has two types Sundry Shortex & Auto dry Shortex.Our well skilled work force and ever last experience in trading of Sesame Seed

Product Image (Cardamom)

Green Cardamom Premium Whole Large Green

We introduce ourselves as one of the leading processers and exporters of Indian Green Cardamom from INDIA with more then 15 years in the service . We have been processing, packing and exporting high quality Cardamom of all grades a

Product Image (fresh eggs)

Fresh Chicken Egg In Shell White Or Brown An Approved

Buy farm fresh Chicken Eggs at market-leading rates from us. We are trusted Supplier and Exporter of Chicken Eggs from turkey. We also make available Fertile Chicken Eggs and Fresh Chicken Eggs. To cater bulk and urgent requirements

Product Image (egg powder)

Hen Egg Yolk Of Fresh Shell Eggs

ngredients: hen egg yolk of fresh shell eggsProduced by separation, spray drying with pasteurizationProperties: excellent solubility, emulsifying capacity and high nutritional value(enriched proteins, lipids, trace elements calcium

Product Image (tamarind)

Tamarind Dried Fruit Preserves Food Snack

Dried FruitColor: Natural / Color AddedShape: Chunk / Dice / Slice / WholeTexture: Tender not hardIngredients: Fruit, SO2SO2 level: 30 – 300 ppmTotal Sugar: 40 – 80 gramsMax Moisture: 18%Packaging: Bulk, Retail Shelf life: 1

Product Image (CCTV)

Cctv Dvr, Cctv Nvr, Cctv Camera

front funner of video surveillance industry with the full range of the products on cutting edge technology

Product Image ( Tiger Shrimp)

Top Quality Frozen Whole Vannamei Shrimp White / Black Tiger Shrimp /Prawn

Vannamei Shrimp, Tiger Shrimp, prawns for sale, lobster for sale

Product Image (Smooked Fish)

Smoked Dried Fish For Sale / Cheap Smoked Catfish For Sale / Quality Dried Smoked Catfish

Smoked Dried Fish for Sale / Cheap Smoked Catfish for Sale / Quality Dried Smoked Catfish

Product Image (frozen pork)

Frozen Porks Ribs, Porks Ears, Pork Shoulders, Pork Stomach, Pork Bladder

We produce and supply the best quality frozen pork and all the parts. We have the largest stocks, and supply worldwide for the best market rates. Do contact us, so we can give you our quote.

Product Image (Palm Oil)

100% High Quality Refined Red Palm Oil Oil Palm Nuts

We are suppliers of premium quality refined cooking oil. We are highly experienced in sourcing only the very best products from around the world. The quality of our products and competitive prices makes us number 1 source for wholesale refined cooking oil.

Product Image (Fresh Capsicum)

Fresh Green Bell Pepper / Fresh Capsicum / Fresh

Fresh Green Bell Pepper / Fresh Capsicum / Fresh

Product Image (Boer Goat)

Boer Goats With Full Blood

Brahman calf heifers Brahman Bull calf Brahman Heifers Brahman Bulls

Product Image (3 ply mask)

3 Ply Surgical Face Mask Earloop/ N95 Medical Face Mask/ Ffp1, Ffp2

surgical earloop 3 ply facemask 1, Material: Non woven PP 2, Size:

Product Image (Vinyl Gloves)

Vinyl Gloves, Nitrile Powder Free Gloves, Latex Gloves

Vinyl Gloves, Nitrile Powder Free Gloves, Latex Gloves, Examination Gloves, Disposable Gloves

Product Image (medical gloves)

Medical Protective X-ray Lead Gloves

Properties:Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories

Product Image ( Cavendish Banana)
Product Image (Wireless Phone Charger)

Magnetic Wireless Charger for Iphone 12 Aluminium Alloy 15W Magnetic Induction Wireless Charging

Magnetic Wireless Charger for Iphone 12 Aluminium Alloy 15W Magnetic Induction Wireless Charging

Product Image (Disposable medical syringes)
Product Image (Disposable medical syringes)